Manage training for early career teachers

Use this service to set up a 2-year ECF-based training programme for your early career teachers (ECTs).

Read our step by step guidance to find out what you need to do.

Sign in to this service to tell us:

  • how you want to run your training
  • which accredited materials or training provider you’ll use
  • which ECTs and mentors will take part

Your school must complete these steps before your ECTs can start their statutory induction programme.

Tell us about changes at your school

Your induction tutor can use this service to:

  • tell us whether or not you expect ECTs to join your school
  • nominate someone else to be your school’s induction tutor
  • change how your school runs your training programme ( check your options in our guidance)
  • tell us that an ECT is transferring from another school, and let us know how you want them to continue their training
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