Choose study materials for your early career teachers

It’s important to choose the right training materials for your school.

Consider things like:

The 4 options all offer theory and practical classroom techniques that:

As you can see below, they each take a different approach to the way they present their self-study materials.

Once you’ve chosen which programme you want to follow, you can set up accounts for your teachers and mentors to access the self-study materials.

Ambition Institute

The first year of this programme consists of one module per term broken down into weekly topics. The second year follows the same modules, focusing on areas that need strengthening. The weekly topics feature:

See an example of an Ambition topic

Teachers will cover:

  • how to establish an effective learning environment
  • how to effectively manage behaviour
  • the importance of holding and promoting high expectations for all pupils

Teachers will cover:

  • the link between effective instruction and pupil learning
  • the elements of explicit instruction and the ‘I-we-you’ model as a useful way of approaching this
  • how instruction can support more effective pupil thinking

Teachers will cover:

  • the curriculum
  • your mental model of the subject or phase you teach and its implications for your planning
  • how to know what pupils have understood, the barriers you face in doing so and how to respond to their needs

View Ambition’s programme handbook in PDF format:

Education Development Trust

This programme consists of 2 modules per term across the 2-year programme. They are broken down into weekly activities which enable teachers to:

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Teachers will learn about teaching your pupils how to behave in the classroom, setting clear expectations and reinforcing these with consistent routines.

Teachers will gain an understanding of how the brain works, and how they can then design more effective learning for their pupils.

Teachers will focus on the fundamental techniques they can use to become a more effective teacher.

Teachers will learn practical ways to develop their subject and curriculum knowledge.

Teachers will work on developing effective assessment and feedback practices.

Teachers will focus on developing strong professional relationships to build the best outcomes for their pupils.

Teachers will look at what motivates pupils so they can develop a really purposeful learning environment.

Teachers will consider how they can make new learning stick over time so pupils remember what they’ve been taught.

Teachers will enhance their teaching effectiveness by learning advanced group and pair working skills.

Teachers will focus on how they can use their in-depth understanding of the subjects they teach to strengthen their pupils’ knowledge.

Teachers will build on their existing knowledge to develop further practical ways to hone their assessment, feedback and questioning techniques.

View Education Development Trust’s programme handbook in PDF format:

Teach First

This programme consists of 6 half-termly modules during the first year of induction. The second year follows the same modules, focusing on areas that need strengthening.

The modules are broken down into weekly topics where the teachers will:

See an example of a Teach First topic

Teachers will explore what effective learning environments look like and strategies they can use to achieve them.

Teachers will explore the findings and evidence gathered during studies of how pupils learn, and the related implications for teaching.

Teachers will hear an education expert talking about the features of effective classroom practice and why they are so important. They’ll then explore the features in detail and have time to plan them into their sequences of lessons.

Teachers will hear from education experts about why assessment should be at the heart of their teaching. They’ll also explore ways to give purposeful feedback to their pupils and what they can learn from summative data sets.

Teachers will hear a variety of educational specialists talk about ways to support all pupils to succeed across the curriculum, and why this is important.

Teachers will learn how to design a carefully sequenced and coherent scheme of work and how this will improve learning for their pupils.

View Teach First’s programme handbook in PDF format:

UCL Early Career Teacher Consortium

This programme consists of 8 modules across the 2 years. The modules are broken down into weekly topics where the teachers will:

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Teachers will focus on how they set up their classroom as a learning environment. They’ll be able to reflect on the different ways they can influence their environment, and learn practical strategies that keep pupils safe, motivated and focused on learning.

Teachers will look at the impact of pupils’ prior knowledge on their learning and how knowledge changes through the cooperation of working and long-term memory.

Teachers will extend their knowledge of effective modelling that enables pupils to tackle difficult concepts.

Teachers will build on their existing knowledge of assessment principles.

Teachers will consider what it means to be professional, and approaches to managing their professional development.

Teachers will focus on one particular part of their teaching to evaluate the impact their practices have on their pupils.

Teachers will focus on how to improve their teaching without adding to their workload.

Teachers will look at how to gather evidence about the impact their teaching is having, followed by practical tips on altering their practices to get better results.

View UCL’s programme handbook in PDF format:

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