Education Development Trust’s handbooks and training outlines


These materials outline how Education Development Trust’s coaching and mentoring programme works.

Individual block overviews

The block overviews show what early career teachers will learn in each module during their induction.

Training outlines

Each block features up to 3 dedicated training sessions where experienced practitioners will share practical applications of what early career teachers are learning.

The materials show what should be covered during these training sessions.

Autumn term

First half-term: establishing a positive climate for learning (PDF, 320 KB, 19 pages)

  • Week 2: setting clear expectations
  • Week 3: early and least-intrusive interventions
  • Week 4: least-intrusive interventions and building relationships

Second half-term: how pupils learn – memory and cognition (PDF, 485 KB, 22 pages)

  • Week 2: cognitive load and implications for your practice
  • Week 3: prior knowledge, misconceptions & worked examples

Spring term

First half-term: developing effective classroom practice – teaching & adapting (PDF, 475 KB, 20 pages)

  • Week 2: structuring lessons for progress
  • Week 3: practice makes perfect
  • Week 4: adapting teaching

Second half-term: the importance of subject & curriculum knowledge (PDF, 323 KB, 12 pages)

  • Week 3: developing pupils’ literacy
  • Week 4: improving literacy skills through oral language & written tasks

Summer term

First half-term: assessment, feedback & questioning (PDF, 391 KB, 20 pages)

  • Week 2: effective assessment
  • Week 4: using questioning
  • Week 5: providing verbal feedback

Second half-term: a people profession (PDF, 324 KB, 12 pages)

  • Week 1: building effective relationships with parents, carers & families
  • Week 2: building trusting relationships with pupils