University College London’s handbooks and training outlines


The programme handbook outlines how UCL Early Career Teacher Consortium’s coaching and mentoring programme works.

Programme Handbook (PDF, 1002 KB, 74 pages)

The practitioner inquiry handbook details how early career teachers will carry out detailed investigations into specific aspects of their teaching in the second year of their induction.

Year 2 handbook: practitioner inquiry (PDF, 430 KB, 20 pages)

Module summaries

These materials show what early career teachers will learn in each module during their induction.

Training outlines

Each module features up to 3 dedicated training sessions where experienced practitioners will share practical applications of what early career teachers are learning.

The materials show what should be covered during these training sessions.

Autumn term

First half-term: enabling pupil learning

Second half-term: engaging pupils in learning

Spring term

First half-term: developing quality pedagogy (part 1)

Second half-term: developing quality pedagogy (part 2)

Summer term

First half-term: making productive use of assessment

Second half-term: fulfilling professional responsibilities